Accessibility audit

As of January 1, 2014 all Canadian businesses with more than 50 employees (and all public sector organizations) must have accessible websites that meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our specialists can help assess your website, provide feedback, and implement the fixes to ensure you attain full compliance!


To succeed in pay per click marketing you need a plan. Otherwise you’re wasting money on broad keywords and campaigns that aren’t targeted enough to produce leads. We’re Google Partner Certified so we’re up to date with the latest product knowledge that will help whip your pay per click marketing campaigns into shape!

Citation audit & cleanup

Accurate and consistent citations is one of the most important local ranking factors.  Incomplete or erroneous business listings, missing or incorrect phone numbers, wrong addresses, and out of date listings, can be disastrous to local search rankings.  Our team has audited some of Canada’s largest brands and helped them clean up their citations!

On-page SEO

On-page ranking factors, page content, title tags, alt tags and urls have a big impact on a page’s ability to perform in SERPs. To ensure that your pages are optimized for best performance requires keyword research and constant monitoring through analytics.  We took our first steps as a business by helping companies with SEO. We can help!

Digital strategy

Sun Tsu wrote “tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” This is definitely true in the digital sphere. Spending money on digital initiatives without creating a well thought out digital strategy is wasteful and likely to end in failure. We’re expert strategists! Let us help you plan a successful digital strategy built on best practice principles.

Design & branding

Your website is the representation of your brand story. It’s become the first thing people see and first impressions can make or break your marketing plan. We’re experts in web design and branding. We have a passion for it. Let us help you make a great first impression!

Web copywriting

Write for people not search engines. Any web copywriter worth her salt knows that great copy, written for people, that’s compelling and engaging, will also perform well in the search engines. The trick is in the secret sauce that makes your copy look great to search engines too!

Analytics & business intelligence

Without a proper analytics solution, providing accurate data and measurement, digital marketing is a guessing game. Successful companies don’t leave their marketing to chance. Let us help you create and implement a winning analytics solution. Know where you are and where you’re going!

Website development

A modern, responsive, website that’s elegantly built and beautifully designed is imperative to showcase your unique brand on the internet. Our website developers sit on the cutting edge of current development principles. Let us help you create a one of a kind website!