Our pricing model

We're a lean and mean (not really) digital agency. Outside of our core team we employ a team of freelancers, on an as needed basis, to keep costs down, stay lean and reduce overhead. It's one way we're different, in a very good way for our clients, since we can provide outstanding output at reasonable prices. You're not going to find confusing jargon or complicated pricing models here. We charge $135 per hour. It's as simple as that!

$135 per hour

Whether you need content marketing, content creation, on page SEO, SEM marketing, visual design or custom CMS development, our hourly rate remains the same. We work with you to create a digital strategy to achieve your goals, let you know how many hours that will require, and away we go!

Need an example? Let's say you're looking at a website refresh and some content creation to give it oomph. If your project will take 2000 hours for our experts to complete, based on your requirements, the investment will be $270,000. Easy right?

2000 hours = $270,000