About us

While studying at a local university Savvas spends nights and weekends building websites and strengthening his knowledge of the burgeoning field of SEO.


Working with small to mid size local businesses he begins to see the need for a boutique digital agency that can provide outstanding services for reasonable prices.


Fast forward 14 years and Savvas has begun working on digital consulting projects for large corporations including Rogers Communications, Fido, and Macleans. Circumstances are ripe for success. SavvaSSynthesis is born in 2015.


It didn't take long for the enterprise to take off. After landing a handful of major clients, who do business with us to this day, it became evident that this was a business that could work.

Since then the SavvaSSynthesis team has expanded to include five expert developers, a copywriter, two SEO specialists and a professional designer. With their unique skill sets, and the experience, vision and passion that Savvas brings to the team, SavvaSSynthesis has helped brands, both big and small, to grow their online presence organically and to optimize their properties for maximum exposure and findablity.